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Course Overview:

This training course consolidates the end to end recruitment process and bench sales which includes topics like Tax terms (W2, 1099, C2C), Boolean Search, Sourcing resumes by different methods, Visas (H1B, H1B1 (Chile and Singapore), E3 (Australia), TN-1 (Canada), TN-2 (Mexico), H4 EAD, L2 EAD, OPT EAD, GC EAD), SDLC & software explanation from recruitment perspective and much more.

US IT recruitment Course Description

US IT Recruitment Overview

Staffing Company Departments: Roles/Functions of different departments (Recruitment, Sales Finance, HR, Immigration, Contracts, Operations, System Administration, and Sales) in hiring a candidate.
US Time Zones, States, Time zones and Locations.
End to End Recruitment Overview: Job Description, Analysis of Job Description, Sourcing, Screening, Interviewing, Assessing, References Check, Shortlisting, Client Submission, Scheduling Client Interview, Selection, On Boarding, Maintaining relationship.
Software Applications/Titles to be known from Recruitment Perspective.

US End to End Recruitment Overview

*Day 1 – US IT Recruitment Training Doubts Clarification
SSN, Driving License
*Salary Structure in US.
*Benefits Overview
*Cost of Living
*What does expenses cover for a candidate

US Employment Visas Overview

*Day 2 – US IT Recruitment Training Doubts Clarification
*H1B cap, H1B Transfer, L1, L2, OPT, CPT
*GC, EAD permit

US Tax Terms (W2, 1099, Corp 2 Corp)

*US IT Recruitment Training Doubts Clarification
*Permanent Hiring & Contract Hiring
*W2 Full Time, Hourly, Percentage
*Per Diem

Job Description Analysis

*Day 4- US IT Recruitment Training Doubts Clarification
*Project Description Analysis
*Requirement Analysis
*Brief explanation of different IT Requirement.

Sourcing Resumes

*Day 5 – US IT Recruitment Training Doubts Clarification
*How to source resumes from
 (job boards,
social networking,
 search engines,
 head hunting,
database etc.)

Preliminary Screening

*Day 6 – US IT Recruitment Training Doubts Clarification
*How to do pre-screening (personal, education, technical and negotiation)
*Details to get from job seeker
*Reference Check, Shortlisting, Submission to the client, Follow up with the client and candidate, Scheduling interview, Selection

Contracts, Forms, Documents Overview required after the closure

*US IT Recruitment Training Doubts Clarification
*Contracts – Overview
*Forms – Overview
*Documents- Overview

 Doubts Clarification, Feedback

*Doubts Clarification,
* Feedback and any new topics participants are interested.

Test, Doubts Clarification

*Test, Doubts Clarification and any new topics participants are interested.

Advantages and benefits of US Recruitment Course

For Individuals:
*Beginner or Fresher can join as a recruiter.
*Junior Level Recruiters can promote themselves as Middle Level Recruiters.
*Adherence to quality level standards.
*To open a company in US or in India.
*Tips to get contacts of companies.
*For Talented recruiters, to get an opportunity to go to US.
*No Research needed on websites and Books. Join the course and become a recruiter

Advantages and benefits of US Recruitment Course - II

*For Corporate:
*Productivity usually increases when a company implements training courses. Training across the workforce, from the shop floor to executive level through our recruitment course, improves.
*Freshers/beginners can be hired and after taking our course, they can work as junior recruiters.
*Will improve Company Reputation, Customer Satisfaction, and Competitiveness.
*Understanding Tax Terms, Visa Process and benefits. So recruiters can hire candidates on H-1B CAP, OPT/CPT, H-1B transfer. Recruiters can do more closures.
*Effective usage of Job boards. Time taken to search in job board and resume views can be greatly minimized with right keywords.
*Employees in Sales or Immigration or Bench Sales can do their work effectively.
*Bench Sales Managers can also do recruiter job.

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Course Content

Time: 10 weeks

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