SAP New Asset Accounting Certification Training


SAP New Asset Accounting Certification Training
In SAP system, Asset Accounting plays a vital role in managing and monitoring fixed assets. By giving complete information on transactions involved in fixed assets, asset accounting acts as a subsidiary ledger to the general ledger. This course is mainly designed for recent graduates and experienced Finance consultants. The increasing demand in skilled finance professionals over next 10 years has given rise to ample of opportunities for emerging finance professionals. For working professionals looking for change or preparing for industry certification, CoursesIT delivers dynamic instructor-led training and certification program.

All Courses Idea

For Instructor-led live online training program, each session will be approximately 2-3 hrs as per schedule. We offer weekdays or weekend schedules. You have the flexibility to watch the class recording (which is posted on LMS) if you miss any class. For Self-paced video training program, you will be provided recorded videos for all topics covered.
Assistance/installation guides for setting up the required environment for Assignments / Projects is provided. Online access to quizzes with auto evaluation.
At the end, you’ll work on a Real-life Project based Case study on any of the selected Use cases. Problem statement and Data sets will be provided.
You get 6 months access to the Learning Management System (LMS). Apart from the class recordings all installation guides, class presentations, sample codes, project documents are available in the LMS. Course and Study materials access is provided for Lifetime which are also downloadable.
We have 24×7 online support team available for help with technical queries you may have during the course. All the queries are tracked as tickets and you get a guaranteed response. If required, the support team can also provide you Live support by accessing your machine remotely.
Certification assistance provided with proper guidance and certification dumps.
coursesit works with multiple consulting/staffing companies in US. Dedicated Resume and Interview assistance is provided by our experts after you successfully complete the training and project/case study. We or our sister consulting companies don’t charge any extra fees for this service

Course Description

The SAP New Asset Accounting(FI-AA) module is an example of a financial module that has been redesigned in the S/4 HANA suite to increase process efficiencies across the lifecycle of an asset. SAP New Asset Accounting offers immense benefit over traditional Asset Accounting. Our training program focuses on managing FI-AA master data and on the handling of the various business processes in FI-AA, it includes topics like periodic processing, evaluation and depreciation and standard reporting. As FI-AA is a sub-ledger of FI, trainees can learn about organizational structures in Asset Accounting and FI, methods to configure of FI-AA in SAP Customizing, to find out how configuration possibilities can affect the application and the business processes.

Did You Know?

1. New functionality is available in SAP New Asset Accounting to manage Parallel Valuations. You can handle parallel valuation of your assets using both the ledger approach and the accounts approach. 2. Data redundancy has reduced, and you have to use fewer FI-AA tables. Actuals is stored in the universal journal (ACDOCA) instead of in a variety of tables (including ANEP, ANEK, ANLC, ANLP, and ANEA). Plan and statistical data are stored in individual tables. 3.A mix between human and pure robot advice called Cyborg advice represents a paradigm shift in the path of change in the sap New Asseting Accounting management industry.

Why learn and get Certified in SAP New Asset Accounting?

1.Companies of all sizes subject to increased scrutiny by government agencies, regulatory boards and investors, accountability where transparency is the solution. 2. SAP New Asset Accounting minimizes asset register error rates and increases capital efficiency with optimized SAP asset accounting operations. 3.According to the research results, there is a huge demand for resources in the space of asset management jobs. If you are a newly-qualified accountant, now it’s a good time to take stock of your career options..

Course Objective

After the completion of this course, Trainee will:
1.Configure the Asset Accounting module 2.Create and change master data in Asset Accounting 3. Understand Asset Class, Number range interval, Depreciation keys, Screen Layouts 4. Attain knowledge of depreciation run and transactions 5.Identify which FI-AA reports you need to analyze asset values


1. AC010 Business Processes in Financial Accounting 2. Basic knowledge in Bookkeeping

Who should attend this Training?

This comprehensive course is meant for professionals who aspire to build a career or upgrade knowledge in Asset Accounting. This course is best suited for the following professionals 1.Application Consultants 2.Project Manager 3. IT Support 4.Power Users

Prepare for Certification!

Our training and certification program gives you a solid understanding of the key topics covered on the SAP Inc. In addition to boosting your income potential, getting certified in SAP New Asset Accounting demonstrates your knowledge of the skills necessary to be an effective SAP Asset Accounting Consultant. The certification validates your ability to produce reliable, high-quality results with increased efficiency and consistency.
Unit 1 – Overview of New Asset Accounting 1. Overview of New Asset Accounting 2.Overview of New Asset Accounting 3.Configuring Basic New Asset Accounting 4.Configuring Fixed Asset Accounting Unit 2 – Chart of Depreciation/Depreciation Area/Assign COD to Company Code 1.Depreciation and Calculation Methods 2. Defining Depreciation Areas 3.Determining Depreciation Areas in Asset Class 4. Fiscal Year Specifications 5.Developing Enhancement for determining Company Code Relationship Unit 3 – Define Asset Class/Number range interval/Creation of Asset G/L accounts 1.Asset Class and its Usage 2.Asset Class Creation 3.Changing the Field Status of the Asset G/L Account 4.Posting GL Account Document for Ledger Group 5.Set or Reset Reconciliation Accounts 6.Technical Clearing Account Unit 4 – Screen Layout- Asset class 1.Screen Layout Rules Unit 5 – Depreciation Keys: Define Base Method/Define Multilevel method/Period control methods/Depreciation Groups 1.Depreciation Keys 2.Period Control Method 3.Maintaining Period Control Method 4.Straight Line Method 5.Changing Key Words in the Evaluation Group 6.Defining Validation and Substitution Unit 6 – Creation of main Asset master and sub asset master data/Asset transactions 1.Master Data 2.Acquisitions – Defining Transactions types for Acquisition 3.Transaction Types for Transfer Posting 4.Transaction types for Retirement 5.Defining Transaction type for Post Capitalization 6.Defining SAP Queries 7.Defining Document type for Legacy Data Transfer 8.Changing Asset Settings – Master Data Unit 7 – Depreciation run/display of balances/Master Data Creation
SAP certifications are globally recognised and standardised criterion for several roles and responsibilities in the Information Technology (IT) World. The certification details for SAP New Asset Accounting will be updated shortly.
I took your Complete SAP New Asset Accounting Certification Training and found it very informative and feel it would be a must for New Users! I have been using SAP since July 2003 and doing fixed assets since August 2004 and still learned things.-Reshma Talapady pIt was great as the course were detailed and The trainer explained a lot. Especially the sessions were very interactive which made you think about the material. Assignments and live projects made us understand the concepts even more and kept us -Rahul Kumar It was great Training. The trainer had excellent knowledge of different domain Industry. I would like to thank you for providing an excellent training. Very good teaching methodology and an excellent instructor. Along with the training-Anamika singh

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Time: 10 weeks

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