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MongoDB is a distributed Database at its core, so high availability, horizontal scaling, and geographic distribution are built in and easy to use. This training will help you master the leading document-oriented NoSQL database, MongoDB Architecture, CRUD, Schema Design, Data Modelling and Indexing using real-life case studies.

MongoDB Certification Curriculum

Introduction to Robotic Process Automation
Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about the evolution and future of Robotic Process Automation. You will also learn how Robotic Process Automation works and its components. 


  • Emergence of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Evolution of RPA
  • Future of RPA
  • Differentiating RPA from Automation
  • Defining Robotic Process Automation & its benefits
  • What RPA is Not
  • Types of Bots
  • Application areas of RPA
  • How Robotic Process Automation works
  • RPA development methodology and key considerations
  • List of Robotic Process Automation Tools
  • Demonstrate a typical automation process by developing a process using UiPath to Identify elements from Edureka’s website related to a course search and store the results of the search in a local file
  • Discuss a real-world implementation use case of RPA where involving a large telecommunication and media company. Examine how its critical business processes are automated with the help of UiPath and the benefits achieved by this automation.
Overview of UiPath
Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about the basic concepts of UiPath. 


  • Introduction to UiPath platform and its components
  • Installation details of UiPath’s Community Edition
  • Types of Templates
  • User Interface
  • Domains in Activities
  • Workflow Files in UiPath
  • Setup and Configure UiPath Studio
  • Understand the user interface of UiPath Studio
  • Create a Sequence to obtain user inputs display them using a message box
  • Create a Flowchart to navigate to a desired page based on a condition
  • Create a State Machine workflow to compare user input with a random number
Process Components, Recording & Scraping
Learning Objective: In this module, you will understand the main components of a process namely variables, arguments and activities. You will learn activities related to UI Automation, System, User Events and App Integration. In addition, you will learn about the recording and scraping feature of UiPath. 


  • UI Automation Activities
  • System Activities
  • Variables
  • Arguments
  • Imports Panel
  • User Events
  • App Integration
  • Scraping
  • Selector
  • Build a process in UiPath using UI Automation Activities
  • Create an automation process using key System Activities
  • Using Variables and Arguments
  • Automation using System Trigger
  • Automating Excel
  • Automate Data from Mail
  • Using Recorder and Scraping features of UiPath
  • Using Selectors in automation processes
Data Manipulation, Workflow and Automation
Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about Data Manipulation, Workflows, Text and Image Automation, Citrix Automation and PDF Automation. 


  • Data Manipulation
  • Workflow
  • Automation of Virtual Machines
  • Introduction to Native Citrix Automation
  • Text and Image Automation
  • PDF Automation
  • Manipulating Scalar, Collection & Table Data
  • Automating Text and Image in Virtual Environments
  • PDF Data Extraction
Programming, Debugging and Logging
Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about Programming in UiPath, organizing projects, debugging projects and handling exceptions. 


  • Programming
  • Debugging
  • Error Handling
  • Logging
  • Extensions
  • Project Organization
  • Using Programming Activities in UiPath
  • Debugging errors in a UiPath Project
  • Different ways of Error Handling in UiPath
  • Browse through the log files related to UiPath Project
Orchestrator Community Edition and Other RPA Tools
Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about Orchestrator Community Edition (CE) and other leading RPA tools. 


  • UiPath Orchestrator Overview
  • Orchestrator activities
  • Introduction to Orchestrator CE
  • Orchestrator CE
  • Other RPA tools
  • Using various components of Orchestrator
  • Create an automated Gmail Login Application
  • Create an automated Remote Data Entry Application
Implementing REFramework
Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn how to use the REFramework template in UiPath for creating business processes and understand the various components involved in it. 

  • Introduction to REFramework
  • Using State Machine Layout
  • Workflows of the Framework
  • Exception Handling & Logging
  • Rules of Developing a Process using REFramework
  • Build a business process using REFramework based on real-life use case and utilizing various components of this framework such as its workflows, states, variables and exceptions
In-Class Project

Learning Objective: In this module, you will build a project by implementing various concepts of project development learnt throughout this course.


MongoDB Certification Description

About the Course

This MongoDB® Training Certification course will help you master one of the most popular NoSQL databases. This course is designed to equip you with skills of a Mongo DB experienced professional. You will gain knowledge in mastering data modelling, ingestion, query and Sharding, and much more, to become job ready. The course covers a range of NoSQL and MongoDB® topics which will help you gain various development, administering, and engineering skills.

Course Objectives
  • Gain insight into the 'Roles' played by MongoDB® experts
  • Learn how to design Schema using Advanced Queries
  • Troubleshoot Performance issues
  • Understand MongoDB® Aggregation framework
  • Learn MongoDB® Backup and Recovery options and strategies
  • Understand scalability and availability in MongoDB® using Sharding
  • Set up a replicated cluster, Managing ReplicaSets, etc.
  • Learn Shards, Keys, Config Server, Query Router, etc.
  • Learn about various MongoDB® tools to develop and deploy your applications
  • Learn MongoDB® administration activities - Health Check, Backup, Recovery, Performance tuning, etc.
  • Understand Hadoop and MongoDB Integration
  • Perform Data Migration in MongoDB with Hadoop (MongoDB to Hive)
  • Learn to integrate MongoDB with tools like Jaspersoft and Pentaho
  • Integrate MongoDB with GUI Tool Robomongo
  • Manage MongoDB deployments using MongoDB Cloud products
Why learn MongoDB ?

MongoDB training helps you gain expertise in a leading document-oriented NoSQL database, designed for speed, scalability, and Developer agility. You'll master MongoDB Architecture, CRUD, Schema Design and Data Modelling, indexing using real-life case studies. You will also learn how MongoDB cloud products can be used to setup, manage, and monitor your MongoDB deployments.

Who should go for this Course?
  • Database Admin
  • Database Server Engineer
  • Data Analytics and Visualization Engineer
  • Developer working on Web, Cloud, Mobile, and other social technologies
  • Applications Engineer
What are the Pre-requisites for this Course?

There are no prerequisites for attending this MongoDB® course. Understanding of any mainstream programming language such as Java, basic understanding of database concepts, and knowledge of a text editor such as 'VI editor' would be beneficial.

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Time: 10 weeks

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