Informatica MDM Certification Training


Informatica MDM Certification Training

Master Data Management (MDM) is a technique that recognizes the most crucial information within an organization and develops a single source of its genuineness to influence business procedures. Leading companies in life sciences, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, government, and other organizations depend on Informatica MDM in successfully driving the key business regulations. Learn important concepts of Informatica MDM such as Informatica MDM multidomain edition architecture and data process flow, data management tools in the Informatica Hub and Enterprise Manager.

All Courses Idea

For Instructor-led live online training program, each session will be approximately 2-3 hrs as per schedule. We offer weekdays or weekend schedules. You have the flexibility to watch the class recording (which is posted on LMS) if you miss any class. For Self-paced video training program, you will be provided recorded videos for all topics covered.
Assistance/installation guides for setting up the required environment for Assignments / Projects is provided. Online access to quizzes with auto evaluation.
At the end, you’ll work on a Real-life Project based Case study on any of the selected Use cases. Problem statement and Data sets will be provided.
You get 6 months access to the Learning Management System (LMS). Apart from the class recordings all installation guides, class presentations, sample codes, project documents are available in the LMS. Course and Study materials access is provided for Lifetime which are also downloadable.
We have 24×7 online support team available for help with technical queries you may have during the course. All the queries are tracked as tickets and you get a guaranteed response. If required, the support team can also provide you Live support by accessing your machine remotely.
Certification assistance provided with proper guidance and certification dumps.
coursesit works with multiple consulting/staffing companies in US. Dedicated Resume and Interview assistance is provided by our experts after you successfully complete the training and project/case study. We or our sister consulting companies don’t charge any extra fees for this service

Course Description

Master Data Management (MDM) is the collective effort made by an organization to create one single master reference source for all critical business data, leading to minor errors and lower redundancy in business processes. By providing a single point of reference for crucial information, MDM eliminates costly redundancies that are generated when organizations rely on multiple, inconsistent sources of information. MDM solutions comprise a broad range of data cleansing, transformation, and integration practices. When data sources are added to the system, MDM launches processes to identify, collect, transform, and repair data. MDM also helps companies with segmented product lines, preventing disintegrated customer experiences.

Course Objective

After the completion of this course, Trainee will:
1.Describe the terminology, components, and key concepts used in Master Data Management as foundational knowledge before using the MDM Multidomain Edition (MDM Hub) solution. 2.Create the elements of the data model that are used to contain data from different kinds of tables for batch processing using the Hub Console Schema tool. 3. Gain knowledge on Informatica MDM multi-domain edition architecture and data process flow. 4.Define lookups in a data model Configure the stage process for the Informatica MDM Hub by creating mappings. that use functions and cleanse lists to map, move, and cleanse data between the landing and the staging table. 5. Have the ability to configure the stage process for the Informatica MDM Hub by setting options for Delta Detection, Raw data retention, and the Cleanse Server. 6. Gain potentiality to configure the load process for the Informatica MDM Hub provides an overview of the match and merge process and its configuration.


1.Basic knowledge of ETL and Data Warehousing Concepts 2. Knowledge of PL/SQL is also recommended, not mandatory. 3.Pre-requisites Materials provided: ETL Overview, PL/SQL Quick Guide, SQL Tutorial, Data Modeling and DW concepts

Did you Know

1. Globally nearly 5,000 enterprises trust on Informatica fully leverage their information assets residing on-premise, in the Cloud and across social networks 2. According to Forrester Research report, Informatica MDM has received the highest possible score in 20 evaluation criteria, and top scores for the current offering and market presence evaluation categories. 3.Informatica Cloud Customer 360 for Salesforce delivers a consolidated 360-degree view of Salesforce and enterprise data, including hierarchies

Who should attend this Training?

The Informatica MDM course is best suitable for the following professionals who want to build their career in Software Industries and accelerate their career growth. 1.Informatica MDM Consultant 2. Informatica MDM Developer 3. Informatica MDM Consultant 4.Informatica MDM Technical Lead 5.Informatica MDM Architect

Prepare for Certification!

Our training and certification program gives you a solid understanding of the key topics covered on the Master Data Management Certification. In addition to boosting your income potential, getting certified in Program Management demonstrates your knowledge of the skills necessary to be an effective Professional. The certification validates your ability to produce reliable, high-quality results with increased efficiency and consistency.

How will I perform the practical sessions in Online Training?

For online training, Coursesit provides a virtual environment that helps in accessing each other’s system. The detailed pdf files, reference material, course code are provided to trainees. Online sessions can be conducted through any of the available requirements like Skype, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Webinar, etc.
Unit 1 – MDM Concepts with Examples 1.What is Masterdata? 2.What is MDM? 3.Why MDM? Unit 2 – Introduction Informatica MDM 1.Hub Components 2.Building the Schema 3.Base Objects, Xref Tables, Reject Data, History Tables 4.Configuring the Columns and FK Relationships 5.Queries and Packages Roadmap for SAP S/4 HANA Unit 3 – Data Flow: Land Stage and Load Process 1.Match and Merge Process 2.Hub State Indicators Unit 4 – MDM Batch Process 1.Batch Viewer 2.Batch Group 3.Job Status and Tactics 4.Log Files
About Informatica MDM Certification Certification in Informatica MDM is an ultimate value in improving operations and decisions with consolidated and reliable data. MDM Certification is recognized for expertise on Informatica operations and learn the best practices for configuring the Informatica MDM Hub. MDM Certification Types 1.Master Data Management – Administrator Specialist 2. Master Data Management – Developer Specialist Certification details for MDM – Administrator Specialist Certification MDM Administrator Specialist certification measures competency as a member of MDM team. The skills and capabilities are evaluated on installation and upgrades, performance tuning, troubleshooting, batch processes, managing metadata and upgrading security processes. Pre-requisites The pre-requisites for this Administrator specialist certification is the completion of the following Informatica courses 1.MDM 9.x: Multidomain Edition, Administration 2.MDM 9.x: Configuring Multidomain Edition Exam Details 1.Exam duration is 90 minutes 2. Exam format is Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Multiple response questions and True or False 3.Passing mark is 70 percent Certification details for MDM – Developer Specialist Certification MDM Developer specialist certification measures competency as a project implementation member. The skills and capabilities are evaluated on the explaining and identifying the MDM product architecture, configuring main components, Hierarchy manager, data governance tools, match server and workflows. Pre-requisites The pre-requisites for this Administrator specialist certification is the completion of the following Informatica courses 1.PowerCenter 9.x – Developer, Level 1 2.PowerCenter 9.x – Developer, Level 2 Exam Details 1.Exam duration is 90 minutes 2. Exam format is Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Multiple response questions and True or False 3.The exam will contain 70 questions 4.Passing mark is 70 percent
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Course Content

Time: 10 weeks

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